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Publications F. Dupont

par DUPONT Florent - 11 février 2014 - ( maj : 11 février 2014 )


Balmaseda, M. A., Hernandez, F., Storto, A., Palmer, M. D., Alves, O., Shi, L., et al. (2015). The Ocean Reanalyses Intercomparison Project (ORA-IP). Journal Of Operational Oceanography, 8, S80–S97.
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Dupont, F., Picard, G., Royer, A., Fily, M., Roy, A., Langlois, A., et al. (2014). Modeling the Microwave Emission of Bubbly Ice: Applications to Blue Ice and Superimposed Ice in the Antarctic and Arctic. Ieee Transactions On Geoscience And Remote Sensing, 52(10), 6639–6651.
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Dupont, F. (2013). Télédétection micro-onde de surfaces enneigées en milieu arctique : étude des processus de surface de la calotte glaciaire Barnes, Nunavut, Canada. Ph.D. thesis, Université de Grenoble, Grenoble.
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Picard, G., Brucker, L., Roy, A., Dupont, F., Fily, M., Royer, A., et al. (2013). Simulation of the microwave emission of multi-layered snowpacks using the Dense Media Radiative transfer theory: the DMRT-ML model. Geoscientific Model Development, 6(4), 1061–1078.
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Roy, A., Picard, G., Royer, A., Montpetit, B., Dupont, F., Langlois, A., et al. (2013). Brightness Temperature Simulations of the Canadian Seasonal Snowpack Driven by Measurements of the Snow Specific Surface Area. Ieee Transactions On Geoscience And Remote Sensing, 51(9), 4692–4704.
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Dupont, F., Royer, A., Langlois, A., Gressent, A., Picard, G., Fily, M., et al. (2012). Monitoring the melt season length of the Barnes Ice Cap over the 1979-2010 period using active and passive microwave remote sensing data. Hydrological Processes, 26(17), 2643–2652.
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Langlois, A., Royer, A., Derksen, C., Montpetit, B., Dupont, F., & Goita, K. (2012). Coupling the snow thermodynamic model SNOWPACK with the microwave emission model of layered snowpacks for subarctic and arctic snow water equivalent retrievals. Water Resources Research, 48.
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Zdanowicz, C., Smetny-Sowa, A., Fisher, D., Schaffer, N., Copland, L., Eley, J., et al. (2012). Summer melt rates on Penny Ice Cap, Baffin Island: Past and recent trends and implications for regional climate. Journal Of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 117, F02006.
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Langlois, A., Royer, A., Dupont, F., Roy, A., Goita, K., & Picard, G. (2011). Improved Corrections of Forest Effects on Passive Microwave Satellite Remote Sensing of Snow Over Boreal and Subarctic Regions. Ieee Transactions On Geoscience And Remote Sensing, 49(10), 3824–3837.
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